Fighting the War against Packaging

We have a simplistic view when it comes to packaging, the less of it the better. Because our products are safe and non-toxic we can supply them in concentrated sachets. This saves up to 98% plastic compared to the diluted alternative of product in a traditional plastic bottle.  We encourage the re-use of existing plastic trigger spray bottles that you probably already have lying around the house.  We are not in the business of selling you expensive spray bottles, but encourage recycling the ones you already have.  Simply rinse thoroughly and add the concentrate sachet to clean water as directed and shake well before use.

We don’t believe in using wasteful, glossy packaging to win you over and that is why our fully recyclable cardboard shipping cartons form part of our packaging.  We place our sachets inside an environmentally friendly, biodegradable snap lock bag.  This is also the case with the clear packaging tape that we use to seal our cardboard shipping cartons.  All of this helps reduce your overall environmental footprint and win the War against Packaging.