Natroshield Disinfectant 10X Concentrate

Natroshield Disinfectant 10X Concentrate

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  • Effective against COVID-19
  • Kills 99.999% of microorganisms
  • Controls mould and mildew

Natroshield Disinfectant is a hard surface disinfectant convenient and ideal for use in high-risk areas such as childcare centres, schools, public transport, shopping centres, hospitality venues, food processing establishments and aged care facilities etc. where exposure to chemicals could be problematic. Ideal for the clean-up and remediation of flood-damaged houses.

All ingredients are GRAS listed making Natroshield Disinfectant ideal for use in food processing industries or establishments. Natroshield Disinfectant will not bleach fabric or corrode metal surfaces.

Active Ingredients: Lactic acid 1.2% v/v, Octanoic acid 1.0% v/v



Dilute by adding 100ml of 10X Concentrate to 900ml of clean water to make 1L of Ready to Use Natroshield Disinfectant. Shake well before use.