Covid19 elbow bump

Never before has a public health messaging campaign focused so much on basic hygiene practices such as; frequent hand washing and surface disinfection in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Spending time isolated with laptop

The new COVID Normal consists of ongoing social distancing, diligent hand washing, the frequent use of hand sanitiser and disinfection of surfaces in high traffic areas focusing on frequently touched surfaces such as; door handles, light switches, touch pads, keyboards, table tops, chairs, taps and bench tops. Disinfection of frequently touched surfaces should be carried out daily and more often in areas that are subject to high amounts of human traffic.

Wiping door handles during COVID19 pandemic

Natroshield Disinfectant offers an effective alternative to harsh traditional disinfectants, without the use of chlorine, bleach, quaternary ammonium compounds, alcohol or peroxide.

The botanical formulation uses a combination of plant extracts and organic acids to kill 99.999% of microorganisms and has been tested effective against the COVID-19 virus.

Natroshield Disinfectant is suitable to use on delicate hard surfaces such as furniture, children’s toys and food preparation areas with no need to rinse after application. Always read the label before use.