Flood Sanitation & Moisture Certificates

Effective Organics is a hygiene consulting company providing independent water damage inspections, sanitation treatments, specialist reports and clearance certificates. Our jurisdiction is confined to the building materials that have been affected by adverse water e.g. flood or stormwater.

We are a third party, independent of the builder, restorer and insurer.  Our role is to physically inspect and verify that the water damage/flood repairs are being conducted satisfactorily and consistent with current industry best practice.

A visual inspection is conducted to ensure all exposed wall cavity and framing components present clean, dry and free from visible mould colonies. Timber frames are moisture tested and the results documented prior to the application of a final sanitation treatment to the exposed cavities and components. The treated areas are then tested for cleanliness using instant swabs and the results documented.

Once this has been done to our satisfaction, we will issue the builder with a Sanitation and Moisture Certificate as proof that they have completed remedial works to a satisfactory standard.

This process must be done prior to any relining / re-sheeting works commencing.

We do not engage in mould remediation of any affected contents items (e.g. furniture, soft furnishings etc.).  We recommend any affected contents items are removed and cleaned by the owner or contracted restoration company as soon as possible after the event. If left for extended periods, excessive mould growth is likely to occur.

Laboratory testing for Post Remediation Verification can be conducted if requested by the client which will incur additional cost and time delays.  We recommend this be done once re-lining and finishing works have been completed.

Obtaining a Sanitation and Moisture Certificate is important, particularly where the home owner has taken a cash settlement from their insurer. The Sanitation & Moisture Certificate is your proof that the flood repairs have been conducted satisfactorily and been independently verified.

To enquire about Sanitation and Moisture Certification call 0417 195 204 or email us at sales@effectiveorganics.com.au