Raise funds for your School, Sporting Club or Community Organisation by registering it for a Natroshield Fundraising Campaign.

The newest, easiest, COVID safe way to fundraise for your local cause. Simply register your organisation below and once approved you will be sent a promotional link for you to send out for people to Support your organisation with its own Natroshield Fundraising Campaign.

All they have to do is select the Support Your Organisation button below and they will be directed to the Natroshield Shop where they can purchase any of the Natroshield products and 20% of their purchase value will go to the organisation selected as a sponsorship. If the supporter is a business, their purchase may even be tax deductible. You can even run a Natroshield Fundraising Campaign simultaneously to your other fundraising events. It’s that easy.

Fundraising with children playing soccer

Register Your Organisation

Create your own Natroshield Fundraising Campaign by selecting Register Now below. Once approved you will be sent a Fundraising Guide on how to best promote your 12 week campaign. It is free to set-up, easy to promote in newsletters, club meetings and on social media.

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Support Your Organisation

Select the Support Your Organisation and you will be able to choose the organisation of your choice to receive 20% of the value of the Natroshield products purchased as a sponsorship.

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