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Natroshield Organic Sanitiser is a 100% natural, anti-bacterial product which kills 99.9% of germs and mould in your home. 

Our History

Natroshield – Helped residents win the battle against mould and mildew after the 2019 Townsville floods by donating over 200,000 litres of ready to use Natroshield Organic Sanitiser. 

The Townsville City Council co-ordinated and facilitated the distribution of the product via dispensing the free product to Townsville residents for over a month after the flood. Using two large 16,000 litre water trucks, distribution points were set up next to Officeworks at Hermit Park and one truck visited various locations including Bluewater and Magnetic Island a number of times. 

One treatment by our technicians will inhibit mould and mildew that thrives in Queensland’s wet season. The Natroshield preventative treatment will reduce the volume of mould spores that are present within your house that are just waiting for the warm, humid wet weather that comes with the wet season to start growing.

Let our Natroshield treatment do the hard work for you!
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Our plant derived, organic sanitiser is a safe and easy way to protect your family - Natroshield! Keep mould at bay - the easy way!